PD Screen
A modular spatial divider element for Pallavi Dean Interiors

Design: Juan Roldán & Camilo Cerro
Collaborators: Hala Alsabouni and Hanin Hazeem
Made in Sharjah thanks to the support of CAADLABS (College of Architecture Art and Design, American University of Sharjah)
Client: Pallavi Dean Interiors
Location: Dubai Design District


The project started as a study of systemic density in an attempt to emulate natural conglomerations like a bamboo cluster. From a material perspective we used the opportunity to experiment with plastic coding, and sprayed finishes. The final colors were chosen by the client from an array of samples produced with the sole purpose of studying the potential diversity of finished that can take place in a minimalist design. Most of our experimentation took place on solving the problems presented by producing a modular joining mechanism. The final result ended up being a tri-arm element, laser-cut from black acrylic.

To arrive to this element, multiple reiterations had to be designed to solve the problems created by the idea of density we were trying to emulate. The density had to be uniform, and natural looking but at the same time controllable.

The end result is a piece surprisingly simple, that reproduces nature in a very subtle form, appearing as if it had grown in site.