Original Design: Luis Úrculo and Luis Díaz-Mauriño. Madrid 2013
Adaptation, Design and Production for CAAD: Juan Roldán and Camilo Cerro
Collaborators: Marwa Istanbuli, Hala Alsabouni, Nourhan Rahhal, Salma Khalifa, Revathy Ramakrishna and Leen Al Ali.
Special thanks to:
Ammar Khalo, Ali Ghias Ahmed and Daniel Chavez.

Thanks to Casa Arabe for faciliating the works and specially to its Directors during these last two years Mr. Eduardo López Busquets and Mr. Pedro Villena, Nuria Media and Elena Gonzalez for facilitating the tasks and for their unconditional tireless collaboration
Thanks to the Spanish Embassy in Abu Dhabi, to our Ambassador Mr. José Eugenio Salarich Fernández-Valderrama, and special thank to Mr. Santiago Jiménez Martín for all the coordination works
Thanks to AGi Architects for attending the opening and presenting their work with the lecture "Architectural Systems".

AUS hosts exhibition on Spanish architecture in the Arab world